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Mar 13, 2010

Quick Weight Loss Diet

The very word "quick" defies common knowledge about how dieting and quick weight loss diet work. Still, hundreds of weight loss products promote quick weight loss diet benefits. And of course we all see the tabloid cover stories about stars that lost an amazing amount of weight and whipped their body back into shape in only a couple months.

The truth is that very few people are able to attain weight loss results that are both quick and long-lasting. Even the products that do offer near-immediate weight loss results are temporary and represent small losses that are usually only water weight.

Setting your expectations too high always ends worse than setting them too low. At least when you make small goals it is easy to reach them and provides constant motivation to continue with your weight loss plan. Engaging in quick weight loss diet plans will only disappoint, and then there is a high likelihood that you will turn to comfort foods and gain even more weight.

Still others refuse to give up on finding a quick weight loss diet that really works. They will try every crash diet they hear about and ultimately risk doing long-term damage to their body by eating radical, unnatural diets or taking unproven drugs.

If these same dieters had started with a reasonable diet and exercise plan in the first place, they may have already reached their target weight. Don't repeat their mistakes. You can have a beautifully toned body, but it requires a serious commitment to your health and yourself. Here are just a few quick weight loss diet pitfalls to avoid:

1. Not eating enough. Whether it's skipping meals or replacing them with a pill or drink, a diet that advises you to cut calories altogether is no real diet at all. It's starvation, and unless you plan on starving yourself long-term don't expect any weight you actually lose by fasting to stay off. If anything, your body will panic, causing your metabolism to slow, which means that any time you DO eat something, your body will absorb even more of the calories as fat to try to combat your fasting. Not only that, but denying your body the food it needs can cause serious health problems.

2. Not incorporating both diet AND exercise into your quick weight loss diet. Sure, if you cut a lot of fat out of your diet and remain at the same activity level you may still lose significant weight, but in all likelihood that weight will be lean muscle. You'll weigh less, but your bad will still have a high percentage of fat. At the other end of the spectrum, exercising without eating right can actually cause you to GAIN weight as your body converts those extra calories into muscle. Finding a happy balance by using a weight loss plan that incorporates both diet and exercise is the best and only way to ensure you will lose weight and get fit at the same time.

If you've been disappointed by quick weight loss diet plans before, you're not alone. Don't let a single failure prevent you from seeking success. While a good quick weight loss diet plan doesn't promise immediate results, many do show small improvements like a one or two pound weight drop every week and obvious toning in as little as two weeks.

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